Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of new stuff for Fall, Christmas, cold weather.....for men, ladies, teens, children and babies.   For the ladies and teens, I have hats in beanie style, bucket style and the "pixie" look like the one above.  The pixie hoods can easily be made into Scoodies....stylish and sooooo warm! 


 For men and teens there are beanies and skull caps, including "beardstache" if you want....besides being a fashion statement, they are great for the cold weather! 

For children I have many styles of boys' and girls' beanies, hats and bucket hats. A scarf can be easily added if you desire.   

For babies, there are hats, beanies, bottle covers and, of course, blankets and blanket sets. 

  There are so many things, you just have to see for yourself.  I will be posting them here and on the facebook page, so keep checking back.  

 Remember you can always request the items you like in your favorite colors.  As long as the yarn type and colors are available, I can make it for you in your favorite team's color, your son's school colors, your daughter's fashionista colors....well, you get the idea.

And, of course, you can text, email or call me and come by and see the stuff for yourself.  Be blessed....